Access to the library is free. Students in good standing with university fees are automatically enabled to the online services of all Sapienza libraries. Other users interested in using the library services must register by presenting a valid identity document to the counter staff. All users can take advantage of the library services:

  • ask for books for consultation and loan;
  • access document delivery via NILDE for the supply of articles;
  • loan a book available in another library;
  • reference for bibliographical information, assistance and orientation;
  • teaching services.


The consultation of the documentary heritage is available at the library premises and is allowed to all users.


It is possible to activate the loan by contacting the counter staff or by using the online services of the Sapienza library catalog

The volumes held by the library (monographs, periodicals, degree theses) are present in the Sapienza electronic catalog, magazines can be also be consulted through the Italian catalog of periodicals. Most of the e-resources (electronic periodicals, databases, etc.) of Sapienza libraries are accessible starting from Discovery Sapienza.

Excluded from the loan are:

  • ancient and valuable material;
  • reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographic repertoires, etc.);
  • periodicals.

The loan is personal and users are responsible for the documents received and their integrity.

Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan service allows users to borrow items or books (on paper or in digital format) not owned by the library and not available on the web.

Document Delivery

The library provides the service of supplying documents free of charge and in mutual exchange through the NILDE software (registration).

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