Electronic resources

Electronic resources consultation

PROXY service is available in order to consult restricted access electronic resources, such as periodicals, databases, ebooks, etc., even outside the university's network (for example from home). The serviceis available by authentication with the personal @ uniroma1.it email credentials.

An even simpler and faster way to consult electronic resources is to use the FLYER (Fast Login to Your Electronic Resource) script. FLYER can be added as a new item of the favourites menu in your own web browser, and allows you to download Sapienza subscription content directly from the page of the resource of interest. To activate this functionality:

  1. Check that the favourites bar and javascript are active in your web browser;
  2. Drag this FLYER button in the favourites bar;
  3. Once the page of the desired electronic resource has been reached, click on the button in the favourites bar and follow the instructions.

On-line loan

The loan can be made through the on-line services of the Sapienza library catalog. Most of the electronic resources (electronic periodicals, databases, etc.) of the Sapienza libraries are accessible starting from the Sapienza Discovery.

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